About The William Temple Association

The William Temple Association originated in 1954 as
an association of lay Anglican graduate and
professional men who wished to ‘fit themselves to play
a more effective part in the work of Christian witness’.

Branches were formed across the country, the
Bournemouth Branch being founded in 1961
National conferences were held annually and a journal
named ‘Temple’ was published two or three times a year.
In a 1970 edition 18 branches were listed.
Today (so far as we know) only those in Bournemouth,
Tynedale, York and Leicester are still functioning.

Over the years membership has been widened to include
all Christians, regardless of sex, status or denomination,
and the aims have been modified in terms of learning
and understanding more about the Christian faith and
its application to ‘contemporary issues’ or
‘responsible action in church and society’.

The Bournemouth branch meets monthly (except in the summer)
at a local hotel for dinner and talks by well-qualified speakers,
followed by questions and discussion.